Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Off to powdercoat

Chassis strapped to Chris' truck for transport

This morning we dropped off the chassis at Central MASS Powder Coating to get powdercoated.  Jeff and company at Central MASS Powder Coating were super friendly and helpful in getting things squared away.  They took the time to explain and show what exactly would be done and helped me pick out "red baron" as the powdercoat color.  ("Red baron" is slightly brighter than the current chassis color, but when I'm done with the Triumph, I really want the car to stand out after all the time spent on it. :-) )
Leaving the chassis at Central MASS

Jeff also mentioned that if I emailed him a picture of any other car parts needing powdercoating, he'd send me a quote.  Given that the already restored suspension parts (that I had taken the time to sand and spray paint) are already chipping from moving them around the basement, I am considering taking him up on the offer.  At the same time, it feels like I'd be backtracking 2 years in my restoration effort to do this, but... long term, this would be the better thing to do.  (1 step forward, 2 steps back...)

The chassis should be ready in 1 - 2 weeks, so I'll post an after picture as soon as I can.

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