Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the Body is Off!

Big thanks to Dave, Eric, Andrew, and Greg who helped out in the rain on Friday to lift the body off the chassis. The process went mostly smoothly except during the first two attempts to lift the body off, something was still attached to the rear of the car. After the first body lift attempt, we noticed that the hand brake cable was still attached to the inside of the car. Once this was removed, the second attempt was hindered by the hand brake cable pulley system under the car which anchored the cable to the body and rear brakes. Finally, after the hand brake was completely freed from the body, the body transition went fairly easily with four guys lifting and Greg and I sliding the body rig underneath.

The last snag of the day came when we tried to push the body rig and body all the way into the garage. The shifter got in the way and after a quick shifter cap removal and unscrewing of a bolt, the shifter came off without issue.

The body rig has provided us with a huge convenience factor. It is easily rolled out of the garage with two people and can be rolled by one person, but not as easily. We now have convenient access to the chassis and rear suspension and allows us to store the body in a one car garage. It feels good to have finally hit a major milestone in this project.

Evaluating What's Underneath
The condition of the chassis underneath the floor panels was as expected given the condition of the floor panels. There was a lot of surface rust on the chassis, but we cannot be sure if it's any worse without sand blasting. Despite my annoyance with grease and it getting all over my clothes, the grease has actually helped to protect the chassis from rust in some areas. Wherever there was grease residue, underneath the chassis was in fair condition with some original paint still present.

Things Left to Get to the Bare Chassis
  • Finish removing front suspension
  • Remove rear suspension
  • Remove engine, transmission, drive train, differential

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tdodge said...

"the grease has actually helped to protect the chassis from rust in some areas."
There is a product called Fluid Film that works similarly. I am trying it on my car this Winter. Hoping it slows down rust on my suspension, brake lines, frame, etc.