Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rusted bolts are my worst enemies

It's been hard to work on the Triumph with the rainy weather that has been hitting the northeast. Plus, being away on weekends for vacation has not helped make progress on the Triumph.

Since I last updated, I have been working on removing the front suspension units. With seven bolts for each front wheel, this should have been a straightforward task, but exactly one bolt on each wheel refuses to budge. It looks like the bolts are solidly rusted to the extent where the mounting area around each bolt has warped and the bolts appear to be fused on. I'm hoping a couple more soakings of B'laster will do the trick, but I'm not fairly confident given the look of things.

Focusing my efforts elsewhere to try and make some progress, I unbolted the heater unit from the inside of the car. This was fairly simple to do, only four bolts (not rusted, thank goodness) held the unit in place. The awful part came next.

After Chris had physically removed the heater unit, the hole left in the car body revealed that a few furry creatures has once made home there. The hole was filled with seeds, droppings, and nesting materials and the fans blades in the heater unit were jammed with acorn shells. I guess I should be used to this now, but just the thought of rodents will creep me out.

I've been working on removing the front suspension to prolong starting the task of taking the body off and building a body rig, but while it's nice out, I should probably get moving on the task. A lot of measuring and planning (to build the body rig) will be required for this next task, which is something I'm not quite wanting to do.


owls said...

Just found your blog. I, too, live in MA and have acquired a 1968 Spitfire, minus all the trim, headlights, taillights, etc. Can you say "money pit"?

Anyway, I am very interested to see how your restoration goes. My aim is to get the thing running and roadworthy. Unfortunately, I have no "Chris"; I am attempting this solo. I also know very little about cars. I think I'll stop at Home Depot (no Lowe's nearby) and see if they have B'laster. Thanks for the tip.

Virginia, Western MA

amy said...

Good luck! Hopefully your car is less rusty than mine. Let me know how it goes.

I definitely underestimated the time and cost for this project. On the plus side, I have learned a lot more about cars.